Easter Preparation! Merchants and Operators

Here’s a tip on how you can maximize the number eggs in your basket!

 “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


A great tip to set your Operators up for success (store managers, etc) is to plan “Over and Above” programs for your stores.  Now this doesn’t mean more work for them to execute.  No!  These proactive programs help them, while simultaneously demonstrating a deeper understanding of the importance of “the day”, and how you, as a Merchant, can be a team player.  Be always excellent.

 As Merchants, it’s easy to forget that Operators are implementing our strategies and promotions on days when thousands and thousands of people are coming to shop (while many are feasting!).  Operators are working hard and we need to make their life easier.  They need to execute and maximize sales while decreasing shrink; we want them on the floor with as little stress as possible.

 One great way to support your Operators is to provide them, by department, with a FAST and SLOW moving report. 

 A Fast/Slow moving report (by department!) is essential; it includes products that are frequently consumed (or not) during the Easter Holidays .  It reviews the top and slowest moving items (20-25 items only), in any department. ie For example, Produce Department would include Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, etc on Fast report and maybe Oranges, Ethnic produce items on Slow report.    

 You can provide this data as such:

     –  Large font! (most operators can’t view the file and make sure it is on Excel they can read/open)

     –  Be able to print on one page!

     –  Summarize each sku (sku = product or stock keeping unit) and then customize the movement BY STORE – not one generic report.  Each store has unique demographics!

     –  Include daily movement by store (not just for the entire week) for each item, using history from the previous year

     –  Provide Operators with a special planogram for each Department with key and promoted items (but keep it simple they don’t want to spend labour on elaborate planograms at this time)

 If you are seeing 5% growth (or decline) from previous year, adjust and tell them your methodology.  Also, offer to help a store for a few hours on “the day” – even collecting random buggies in the parking lot is a huge help.

 Being a team player maximizes camaraderie and from such efforts, one receives the serendipitous fruit of outstanding results!  Be excellent every day.   We are we repeatedly do…so never forget, excellence is a habit.


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