Tip: The Power of An Effective Presentation

Persuasive and powerfully delivered presentations can set the stage for corporate success. Conversely, a poImageorly executed speech can result in corporate suicide.  This two-part series looks into how to craft a successful presentation.

Effective presentations help define your Personal Brand* (see Blog MARCH 7th) and differentiate your brand – ie presentations that deliver clear, concise and persuasive messages….will drive corporate credibility.  It is generally considered a person who can speak well is organized, has poise, intelligence, and logic (note this is not always the case but directionally true.)

 But how does one do well on presentations?  The answer is actually simple.  Practice practice practice!

It is better to bleed in the dojo than to bleed in the streets

Earl Robertson, Kyoshi (7th degree Blackbelt in Karate-do)

The saying above means practice in a controlled setting.  My Sensei always said the only way to improve your fighting technique was to ‘bleed in the dojo (a controlled setting) than in the street (ie.the board room!)’. 

This sage philosophy holds true for speeches that can be ‘messy’ if stumbled, unpractised, incoherent and in front of Senior Management.  Controlled settings include – Speech Masters, taking a course(s) or practicing in a quiet room or in front of a mirror.  Practice in the VERY room you are going to present as well (check audio, feel the room temperature and how your voice carries).  

Tips:  Presentation content and understanding your target market is always essential.  We will delve deeper in a later blog.

More about Author: http://about.me/davidbartolini#services 

*Personal Brand  – consider it as your IMAGE (online or other) – this includes but is not limited to the body, clothing, appearance, online presence, etc, leading to an indelible impression that is uniquely distinguishable.


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