Consumer “Meal-Solution” Driven Ads…Please apply within.

Almost all FOOD weekly advertisements are the same old format.   Go ahead open up your newspaper this week and check them out.  There is a front page which has specials from several departments.  Inside pages have departments isolated from each other ie produce separated on one page, meat on another, a few pages of grocery and then a back page.

But why don’t retailers create MEAL SOLUTIONS for us worldly consumers? We are all time-starved; everyone is working hard these days.  And let’s face it, many don’t like or know how to cook ….but almost everyone loves to eat great food!  Simple creative culinary adventures should be available at our fingertips weekly!

When everyone is going in the same direction, there is opportunity to do something different


Majority of retailers do it all the same.  Yet they have hundreds of ‘foodies” with vast food recipe knowledge in-house.  Who knew baba ganoush went so well with a meatless BBQ burger, smothered with 2-year-old white aged cheese and fresh avocado?  (No need for ketchup!)   That a spicy Thai sauce goes oh so well with breaded butterfly shrimp!  

Please group these items together in weekly ads for the appropriate season!  Yet retailers continue to create Ads that works for them, in their department silos: grocery, produce, meat, natural value, seafood, deli, bakery, etc. 

Not sure why one retailer won’t create a solution to this opportunity. 

Always challenge the status quo. 

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