Term: Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance is a term used in retail to describe a customer’s poor post purchase experience.  Simply put, a bad feeling/experience that hangs over them after they leave.  It often leads to regret and seldom, if ever, does the customer return to the Merchant.

All retailers/merchants want to ensure that customers do not have a feeling of BUYERS REMORSE. This  ‘bad feeling’ can come from:

– The product or Brand itself not delivering as promised (ie a Merchant listed a poor product without testing it, or it is an isolated event/ defective product from the manufacturer)

– General feeling of “malaise” due to store atmosphere, location, can’t return it easily/not hassle free, etc

– The experience at the store in general is poor (ie a long customer line up, poor customer service experience, poor lighting, a crazy parking lot!, temperature, etc)

Merchants, try to leave your desk and purchase a product from your store and act as a “secret shopper” (a term used to describe someone who shops to review the WHOLE customer experience).

It won’t matter how good your programs and prices are if the overall customer experience at store level is poor.  They simply won’t come back and your target market will shop elsewhere. 

The challenge: leave your desk and go to your Retailer and ensure customers are happy with your shop experience.

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