2013 Emerging Skillset: Collaboration

The term ‘collaboration’ has arguably been dormant for years.  Yes of course it has always been there!   colloboartionBut arguably given lip-service and a banal expression synonymous with company-speak terms like synergize, teamwork, etc.  

However, recently, it was reinforced to me that this essential skill set is gaining momentum in the workforce and its resurgence means prospective employees must demonstrate this prerequisite skill.

What is the impetus for its resurgence?

Competition is becoming fiercer with barriers into new markets easing and thus, a new business paradigm is taking over.  In order to maintain profits, companies are becoming leaner (less senior layers specifically) and therefore looking for talent to demonstrate collaborative thinking to fill the gap.  

In this new paradigm, companies not only save payroll expenses, but also gain access to a lucrative pool of employees who demonstrate ‘group cohesiveness’ .  To this end, companies are now rewarding (ie bonus employees) on total company profits as well as qualitative metrics like ‘team spirit’, ‘coaching others’, ‘solution centred’.

Human Resource managers are actually filtering prospective employees against this skill set!  So, are you prepared to answer the question “Explain a situation where you worked collaboratively on a project to see it through to fruition”?

I hope so!


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