Creating a simple MINDSET, to maximize your valuable time & $$

My father is old school.  He does everything and anything around the house, to the car, or cottage, etc. to save a few bucks.  But does he really save?

No.   Just ask my mother.   mindset-for-achieving-goal

Like many of us, doing everything to save a penny can result in rework or hiring a pro to fix our ‘amateur’ work.  So not only do we not maximize our money saved, but also we’re not maximizing our most valuable asset: precious personal time!

This article is about creating a mindset that will maximize your ‘free-time’ and enjoy life and all its pleasures.  The quote below expounds on the notion above:

Know what you’re good at… and know what you’re not good at… and PAY for the difference!


Proactive people know what they are good at and YES your job is one! (i.e. things that make you money-if someone is willing to pay you, trust me you’re qualified and good at it).  But they also acknowledge the things that they are not good at.

We are all guilty of trying to fix or do things we are not good at – maybe for you it is plumbing, fixing the dock, painting, repairing a machine, ironing, landscaping, etc.  But if you are not good at it, know it, recognize it and maybe spend a little $….

Why?  Well look at it this way – you spend a minimum of 40 hours at work plus commute.  Why spend hours on end to fix the ‘plumbing’, etc if you are not qualified.  You may waste your VALUABLE time and likely will end up doing a poor job and becoming crotchety.   Love that word.

Pay the difference.  Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

*Note the above implies that you are going to make more than you spend.   Decide which chores are ‘taxing’ to you and prioritize your ‘spend’.  It may mean you still have to wash your under garments, unfortunately.  If they are not white, hire a pro.  My $0.02.

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